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The Twinning Association

Working on behalf of Royston Town Council, the association organises and manages the town twinning activities in Royston and the surrounding villages. Royston has three twin towns.

The twinning link with Germany has been in place since 1974.


We organise regular trips to each of our twin towns and host visits by members of their twinning associations. Many strong friendships have built up over the years.

We coordinate with other local groups who have established twinning links, such as Royston Town Band, the Parish Church and a number of sports clubs.

We also organise social events in Royston for members and non-members alike, including a regular quiz night and annual dinner.

An enthusiastic group meet regularly during the summer months to play boules at the Black Horse PH in Melbourn. Everyone is welcome; it's a fun game which is quick to learn so why not try something new?


Membership of the association costs ú10 per year for an individual or ú20 per household. New members normally enjoy their first year for free. We do require people to become members of the association in order to participate in trips and visits, but social events are open to all.

New members are always welcome. Please get in touch if you are interested.

Things to look out for

There are a number of symbols of our twinning links in and around Royston. You might like to go in search of the following.

  • Gro▀almerode Garden, near the Town Hall. This was established on the 25th anniversary in 1999.
  • A French post-box.
  • A plaque at the railway station commemorating the 10th anniversary of the German twinning link.
  • ‘Union’, a sculpture dedicated to twinning, near the library.
  • A plaque at the Town Hall celebrating the 40th anniversary in 2014.
  • La Loupe Court near the Cross.
  • A road sign pointing the way to Gro▀almerode.

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